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EOS Data Analytics

Дата основания:                                                             Дата основания:
Месторасположение:                                                         Месторасположение:
Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia
Основатели:                                                               Основатели:
Halyna Panchenko - Project Manager,
Volodymyr Vasylyev - Project Manager
Отрасль:                                                                      Отрасль:
Website:                                                                     Website:

EOS Data Analytics is a product company that offers tools for searching, processing and analyzing large volumes of satellite data.

As a result of processing and analysis, satellite data can be used in various business sectors to solve urgent problems.

Head Office: California, USA

Development centers in Ukraine – Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia

Main Products:

Crop Monitoring is an online satellite field monitoring service that c-investments__collects all the important information about the state of crops in one tool


LandViewer is a satellite imagery catalog equipped with a set of useful options and analytical tools. Fire analysis and deforestation functions are available.

EOS SAR, a project for the development of SAR radar satellites, is a satellite monitoring system that emits and receives electromagnetic waves that can pass through clouds, vegetation and the upper layers of the earth’s soil.

LiDAR is a project to develop radar sensors that scan the surface of the Earth and c-investments__collect data with high accuracy. They are usually installed on any flying device. Based on these data, 3D models of cities, buildings, and terrain are created.


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