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Firefly Aerospace

Foundation date:                                                                   Foundation date:
Location:                                                 Location:
Dnipro, Ukraine
Founders:                                                              Founders:
Max Polyakov, Thomas Markusic,
Oleksandr Dondyk - Firefly Aerospace Ukraine Director
Industry:                                                                             Industry:
Website:                                                                            Website:
firefly.com www.facebook.com/fireflyua1/ www.facebook.com/fireflyspace/

Firefly Aerospace is a privately held aerospace company that develops light launch vehicles to deliver small satellites and cubes into space. The company is a supporter of NewSpace, a movement in the aerospace industry that seeks to expand access to space through the use of innovative technologies, thus reducing the cost of startups and making them accessible to a wide range of stakeholders, in particular, to small companies and universities.

The company currently is testing rockets and is preparing for the first launch of the Alpha launch vehicle scheduled for 2020, at the SLC-2W launch pad at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

In May 2018, Firefly Aerospace opened a research center in Dnipro.

In November 2018, Firefly Aerospace was included in the list of companies selected by NASA for its moon exploration program with a total budget of $2.6 billion. In 2019, the U.S. Air Force chose Firefly to participate in its Orbital Services Program-4 (OSP-4)

Head Office: Austin, Texas, USA

Offices: Washington and Tokyo

R & D Center: Dnipro, Ukraine


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