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Max Polyakov: Supporter of Space Apps Challenge by NASA

It is with great excitement that Max Polyakov, founder of Association Noosphere, hosts NASA Space Apps Challenge in Dnipro, Ukraine. It is an international hackathon, a 48-hour sprint, held annually to bring thousands of amateurs, space enthusiasts and designers together to take on real-life problems to do with space, the environment, technology and exploration. Organizations and philanthropists, such as Maxym Polyakov from Association Noosphere, support the teams, so they can become part of this global community. Max Polyakov is convinced that the event will encourage c-investments__collaboration and unity in solving humanity’s greatest problems. Global organizers reported on a striking development of the Space Apps community in 2017, welcoming 25 000 participants from 69 countries in 187 locations across the world.

NASA Space Apps Challenge 2017 was:
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Ukraine joined the Space Apps location in 2016 for the first time. It was not for nothing, as our country’s participation resulted in a spectacular success. The victory of the Mars Hopper project in the People’s Choice category grabbed the headlines. The team of engineers, designers and coders developed a plane to investigate the poles of Mars and their surroundings. They made a real life prototype of a plane launched using CO2. The Mars Hopper won the local competition in Kyiv, and eventually, competed against 128 other projects at the Space Apps international stage. Thousands of Ukrainians kept their fingers crossed and voted for the Mars Hooper. The project was highly welcomed by the public worldwide, which allowed the team to make it to the Top-25 in international online voting, making it one of the global award winners. Max Polyakov admitted that such a remarkable example inspired Ukrainian youth who are passionate about space technologies and pushed them to take part in future hackathons.

In 2017, the company EOS, founded by Maxym Polyakov, became a general partner and supported hackathons held in Kiev, Dnipro, Kropyvnytskiy. EOS core activities correlated with the general themes of Space Apps Challenge 2017 that were relevant to Earth. Max Polyakov’s EOS created a cloud-based platform and analytics tool that helps transform big GIS‑data into smart data for businesses, scientific research and public use. As hackathon mentors, EOS specialists helped teams improve their projects focused on monitoring natural disasters and phenomena, hydrosphere and cryosphere, ec-investments__cological systems, etc. In addition to useful advice and knowledge sharing, EOS by Max Polyakov presented special motivational prizes to teams that had addressed challenges in the “NASA Earth Science” category.

This was the first time Dnipro hosted the NASA Space Apps Challenge, which was only made possible through support from Maxym Polyakov, Founder of Association Noosphere. As a part of the NASA Space Apps Challenge, the team of organizers held an informal gathering, a Data Bootcamp, to let newcomers from diverse backgrounds get familiar with the hackathon format, schedule and rules. Moreover, invited speakers and mentors gave introductory talks and workshops on getting started with microcontrollers, interesting uses of data and technologies, and project selection. Boot Camp attendees learnt about the essential skills necessary to take part in hackathons. This day-long event organized by a team from Max Polyakov’s Noosphere offered a great balance between learning, sharing and enjoying, with the added advantage that attendees could find team members before the hackathon.