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Noosphere Ventures
Noosphere Ventures - is a space-focused investment firm. Founded on 4 June 2014 by Max Polyakov, the firm makes venture and traditional investments. Headquartered in the USA, Menlo Park, California, Noosphere Venture invests in projects from all over the world mainly focused on space and development of a New Space...
Firefly Aerospace
Firefly Aerospace is a privately held aerospace company that develops light launch vehicles to deliver small satellites and cubes into space. The company is a supporter of NewSpace, a movement in the aerospace industry that seeks to expand access to space through the use of innovative technologies, thus reducing the...
EOS Data Analytics
EOS Data Analytics is a product company that offers tools for searching, processing and analyzing large volumes of satellite data. As a result of processing and analysis, satellite data can be used in various business sectors to solve urgent problems. Head Office: California, USA Development centers in Ukraine - Kiev,...
Space Electric Thruster Systems (SETS) is a project that develops electric rocket propulsion systems and their subsystems designed for use on spacecraft. The team has developed two types of propulsion systems that can solve a number of problems: maintaining the satellite's orbit parameters, orienting and stabilizing the satellite, and, ultimately,...
Aspectum is a cloud-based platform for visualizing and analyzing business data through the creation of interactive smart cards. Smart card is a business tool that uses spatial analysis technologies and statistical algorithms to identify new market niches, monitor competitors and manage assets. The user gets access to analytical conclusions in...
The Universe. Space Tech Magazine
The Universe. Space Tech is a popular science magazine about space, innovation, and technology. The publication has existed since 2003, and since 2018 the printing of the paper version has been resumed. The language of publication is Ukrainian. The frequency of release is once every two months. In addition to...
Maxymizely produces effective tools for split testing and increasing the conversion of sites and applications to B2B. The first solutions were developed in 2015. Maxymizely is an innovation-oriented web application platform that combines big-data and predictive modeling. The service allows you to improve the return on investment for applications, improve...
MaximaLabs is a company that provides technological and effective products for web business. MaximaLabs team develops solutions that help customers expand their audience and business. The venture specializes in: complex sites for e-commerce, B2B, B2C highly loaded systems mobile applications for iOS and Android widgets and applications for social networks...
NING is a comprehensive SaaS platform for creating social websites with a wide range of features and configuration tools. The company was founded in 2004 and for more than 15 years has been creating online communities in 180 countries and regions. The company has 21,000 customers worldwide and more than...
The New Space Race
The New Space Race: Vernadsky ideas, Noosphere Ventures philosophy & Firefly Aerospace technologies
Jamie Hyneman joined to Vernadsky Challenge
How I met Jamie Hyneman who joined Judging Panel of Vernadsky Challenge 2017
Dnipro Vernadsky Challenge
Dnipro Vernadsky Challenge 2015 | А social initiative by Noosphere